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A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him....
-Sidney Greenberg


Do you experience leakages in your revenue generation?
Are you in need of camera ready data to make accurate projections for your school development?
Does it take you time to compute the actual numbers of students that have paid their termly fees and those that have not?
If YES, then look no further, than the newly introduced SCHOOL MANAGER, the ground breaking innovative software from the stables of Minds Eye Integrated Services Limited.
Its water tight payment system combines precision and security to shore up the loop holes in your financial records and facilitate the day to day running of your school, saving you time and giving you convenience.
Its array of utilities includes:

 Sale of online application forms for enrolment
 Sends student performance record (report card) to Parents/Guardian via email.
 Instantly generate student or staff I-D cards based on information provided
 Monitors student medical records
 Determine common ailments among students based on the number of times She/he visits school clinic
 Generate data for policy design, research and implementation
 Generates coded receipt, provides individual student account management, back up data? retrieval, sends SMS`s to remind parents of unpaid school fees, notice of PTA meetings and other correspondence etc.

What’s more: the SCHOOL MANAGER guarantees you optimal financial output, academic output and administrative output...
It’s flexible, convenient and affordable.
School management just got easier....
The SCHOOL MANAGER SOFTWARE, manages your school like no modern principal would.
For further enquiries call;
Or visit our Head Office : Mind`s Eye Integrated Services Limited, 19 Turunku/Maje Road off Park Road, Sabon Gari Zaria-Nigeria


Your household name in ICT Technology… Minds Eye Integrated Services Limited brings you another innovative software solution, ‘The Inventory Management System’.
The Inventory Management System is trading software designed to meet the needs of every trading outfit that buys and sells for profit maximization.
It promotes efficiency, while assuring the implementation of policy to safe guard your asset, to reduce fraud and errors to minimal level. The lists of functionalities are numerous, ranging from Ability to accept goods, delivery, recording of goods sales to a detailed record of individual customer’s transactions.
The trading software is equipped with the latest security features and control which allows you control over your outfit.
Partitioned into three {3}, The Admin Module- gives you sole control on the management of your establishment, as regards who sees what and how much access you allow the rest of the staffs.
The Account Module- keeps tab on the day to day running of your establishment, what is invested and how much profit is made. The re-order level alert functionality, curb the excess of time spent on stock taking, since it gives you an up to date goods level, both in store and in the sales outlets.
The Operator Module- for staffs and sales personnel to key in sales and register sold goods.
The Inventory Management Software is designed with you in mind, to generate instant financial report, sales journal, inventory register, view sales details to give you a first hand summary of profit or loss margin on procured goods and paid services.
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